About Me

My name is Shannon and I am the owner and seamstress behind Metamorphosis Conversions.  I live in Edmonton, AB, Canada with my husband and 4 nearly grown children.

I have carried all of my children in baby carriers.  I carried my oldest in a Beco 4G and a DIY ring sling.  As my family grew, so did my love for babywearing.  I discovered wrapping in 2009 with my second child and I was hooked!  The ability to parent hands-free with small children underfoot was a turning point in my life.  

As my love for babywearing grew I also discovered that I love sewing and hand-dyeing, and I decided to combine these hobbies into Metamorphosis Conversions.  I strive to bring my customers high quality individualized wrap conversions that are safe, comfortable and beautiful.

I love the artistic and fun looks that can be achieved using professional quality dyes.  From grad dyes to low water immersion, I have practiced and “perfected” my techniques and skills.  

In addition to providing beautiful carriers and dye jobs, I am also a babywearing educator.  I am passionate about babywearing safety.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions you have about how to safely and comfortably carry your baby in any kind of carrier.  


I once bought a butter-soft woven wrap. It was gorgeous, it was snuggly, the price was right…But the length was oh-so-wrong. I was so disappointed when I realized that it was too short for my tastes. I held onto it for months, desperately trying to make it work.

I finally retired it to the shelf, pulling it out only to cuddle my son in, wishing I could wear him in my lovely wrap. Then someone suggested I have Shannon convert it into a ring sling. I was apprehensive about anyone cutting into my pretty thing, but I needed it to work for us; it was disheartening to have such a nice wrap and no way to use it.

When I came to pick it up, I was stunned. The pleating was beautiful, the rings matched the fabric, and most importantly, when I settled my son into it, it felt secure and fit us wonderfully! Shannon also gave us back the other piece.. I still use it as a snuggle blankey.

Since then, I have brought a few things to Shannon, just to see what she could make for me out of them. My eldest son now has his own lovely ring sling for wearing his new baby brother.. And Shannon took a long, fairly plain and boring wrap and made me a beautiful wrap conversion mei tai.

I love to hand her caterpillars and receive them back as butterflies.

– Stefani